Call to Action: #LangkahSiswa

PRESS STATEMENT – Date: 21.8.2015

The Malaysian Youth and Students’ Democratic Movement (DEMA) together with Gerakan Mahasiswa Selamatkan Negara and several other student organisations, jointly call upon all the youth and students in this country to participate in a series of non-violent direct actions (NVDA) named as #LangkahSiswa to uphold the idea of democracy and to pursue for a government accountable to the people.

The students can no longer tolerate the way how the Government is handling with the allegation of corruption recently made against PM Najib Razak.

It is annoying to observe how the Government has blatantly disregarded the rule of law by interfering with the proper investigation of the allegation by the relevant authorities such as the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Parliament’s Public Account Committee.

We are further disgusted to learn how the DPM actually claims that any attempt to topple the current government would be illegal.

Misleading statement such as this is tantamount to an insult to the people’s intelligence in understanding the idea of democracy. In fact, the non-removal of Najib Razak as the PM following such a grave allegation is in itself a disgrace to the nation and a joke to countries which practice mature democracy.

The country is in a state of madness. As the young people of this nation, we feel duty bound to put an immediate stop to it. We therefore demand the following three demands to be met immediately:
(1) Najib Razak to step down as the PM of Malaysia;
(2) The disclosure of all results of investigation by Bank Negara, MACC & PAC;
(3) A formal meeting between the students and the elected MPs towards the formation of a transitional government.

Released by,
Lau Yi Leong
Secretariat for Administration, DEMA
Covener, #LangkahSiswa

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