If you are looking for an affordable ethical subscription box to gift your family and friends or to simply treat yourself-look no further! GlobeIn, one of the leading US subscription box companies, offers handmade and ethically sourced artisan goods from remote regions around the world. Driven to solve poverty by providing opportunities and economically empowering through fair trade, GlobeIn connects artisans to customers worldwide creating equal jobs and business training. Every dollar spent through GlobeIn equals jobs created and fair wages!


Committed to supporting artisans and small scale makers to end poverty and protect Earth, Causebox is a seasonal subscription box featuring over 150 brands and partnering with emerging designers to create exclusive products for the Causebox community. Each season, Causebox delivers socially-conscious and chic lifestyle products with carefully selected handmade items that pursue a common purpose of advocating for social causes and empowering people to shop responsibly. Causebox is passionate about creating opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized communities and women’s empowerment while focusing on ethical and sustainable production and donating percentages of their profits to charities to empower them to build a better future for their local communities.


Earthlove is an award-winning seasonal subscription box filled with all-natural, ethical, and sustainable products that will help you live a more conscious life and give back to environmental causes. Each box is filled with sustainable eco self-care products produced by some of the world’s best eco-conscious brands. Earthlove’s boxes include a variety of artisanal products that are zero-waste packaged and contain natural, organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients. As a member, you can vote on upcoming box products, eco challenges and environmental causes to support each season.

Ocelot Market

Working with around 100 artisan workshops and focused brands, Ocelot Market is an online-based shop providing an economic resource for communities facing challenges in sharing their stories and providing them access to economic opportunities to support their families. By sourcing ethical, handmade, and one of a kind products from artisans around the world, Ocelot Market is a perfect place for you to invest in fashion-forward clothes and home goods and support conscious consumption and high-quality craftsmanship from beautiful cultures worldwide.

Yes And

Yes And’s clothing is GMO-free produced through certified organic cotton products and free from harmful chemicals such as bleach, acetone, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. Yes And offers an ethical shopping experience while assuring full transparency and traceability through the entire textile supply chain, from farm to finished product. Their apparel is designed for longevity to achieve less textile waste while embracing the standards of absolute no child labor, as well as safe working conditions, payment of a fair wage, and safe environment.

Bare + Bloom

By choosing Bare + Bloom you can experience what beauty and nature have to offer and indulge in original and unadulterated ingredients in all of your hair and skin care needs. Bare + Bloom promotes ethical handcrafted products and eco-friendly grooming accessories for optimized health and mindful self-care while being environmentally conscious about manufacturing and providing recyclable packaging. Backed by an uncompromising commitment to their customers, Bare + Bloom promises purity and efficacy with every use of their products.

Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill is a sustainable fashion brand that uses only organic cotton that is grown in the USA and their partnering mills and factories are US-based. Their unique manufacturing process minimizes impact while creating positive change in local communities. To advance their sustainability, Harvest % Mill uses up to 53 % of overall energy than other sustainable fashion brands, including 50 % less water and offsetting their entire carbon footprint. All of their shipping and packaging materials are reusable, recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free while most of their clothing is made using natural color and organic heirloom cotton that are entirely dye-free and bleach-free. They offer worldwide shipping and free shipping over $150 for USA domestic orders.

Hyer Goods

Hyer Goods is a fashion brand that embraces a better way of design, a way that is better for people and for the planet. For this reason, they redirect high-quality material waste from landfills and turn it into modern, classic, and cute pieces that can last for generations. By upcycling ‘’trash’’, Hyer Goods reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfills each year. Their crafts bags and accessories made from salvaged materials are a perfect outfit addition for any fashionista wanting to look cute and feel good at the same time.


Saalt believes reusable is the future and that is why they create only high-performance and clean period care products that empower women to take care for themselves in a sustainable and healthy way. If you want to invest in sustainable period care then Saalt is the right place for you because they are fostering a global community of people who make clear and deliberate choices in their lives and raise awareness and help end menstrual shame. If you commit to Saalt you will directly become a participant in donating 2 % of their revenue in period care to regions with the most need, and help fund education in menstrual health and sustainability.

Lo Home

Lo Home’s philosophy relies on creating beauty and starting their designs with a beautiful aesthetic to add beauty to our world. Lo Home is proud to use sustainable raw materials in their home products manufactured in the USA and packaged in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. The brand does not consider sustainability and human rights to be their ‘’edge’’ or ‘’niche’’, but they work to build a healthy, viable business in accordance with ethical means, fair prices and high-quality while supporting and promoting a sustainable and successful future.


Using unique latest 3D printing technology, Capsul design and create all of their necklaces, earrings and rings with your own handwriting, the sound wave of a voice, or a special place, date and name. Every piece of jewelry is made by Capsul’s artisans with love in Los Angeles while adhering to the highest environmental jewelry. You can create your own unique jewelry pieces and get the highest quality and ethically made pieces at a fraction of the cost you would usually pay.

LaBante London

LaBante London produces luxurious cruelty-free faux leather handbags, with interiors made from sustainable materials, and offers a selection of classic contemporary woman’s designer bags, from carryall bags to casual going out cross body bags, that can be carried with substance and style. Their business is based on an ethical supply chain and a belief that everyone should earn a fair wage. LaBante London is committed to empowering women across the world, which is why their design and production team is made up of 99 % women.

Katherine Parr Jewelry

Katherine Parr Jewelry is known as a luxury jewelry brand working to preserve history and culture. Through reliance and the leadership of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this artisan brand is committed to reducing poverty and boosting economic growth, human rights, partnerships, diversity and inclusion to help ensure equal opportunities for everyone. The brand is proud for following the responsible sourcing of high-quality materials that refined pieces of jewelry are made of and for giving back to communities in which it had worked in.

Storied Hats

If you want a baseball hat that fits just how you like it and reflects your style and a hat that is made of high-quality materials and makes your forehead look good, then getting one from the Storied Hats is just the right choice for you. With design from scratch and paying special attention to details, Storied Hats sources top quality and sustainable fabrics to produce long-lasting hats. All hats are produced in ethical facilities because the brand cares about fair treatment of workers and they never use a logo because what you wear is about you and not about them.

Adelante Shoe Co.

Boston-based startup Adelante Shoe Co. works with skilled artisans in Guatemala who craft high-quality shoes that are made to order and delivered to your doors within just 10 days. Through their model called the Living Well Line, Adelante shoemakers earn above 75% of the market rate, which enables them to access education, healthcare, nutritious food, and provide better lives for themselves and their families. Adelante Shoe Co. connects their customers with their shoe make via video or phot throughout the production process to showcase the positive impact of their shoes. If you wish to own a pair of top-notch quality shoes and participate in the process of their production from start to finish then Adelante Shoe Co. is just the right choice for you.


PATTARAPHAN, a Bangkok based startup, designs and creates fine jewelry that feels good on your skin. By combining an understanding of human anatomy with irreverent minimalism, their designs challenge traditional notions of jewelry while maintaining wearbility and sensuality. PATTARAPHAN is committed to supporting slow fashion and preserving Thai heritage and their jewelry pieces are produced of locally sourced materials and small quantities to avoid waste. Every piece also directly supports Thai artisans and independent local businesses.

Cultus Artem

Cultus Artem is a small fragrance house based around the concept of slow beauty specialized in small batches of perfumes that are made from cruelty-free fragrance oils, distilled water, and perfumery alcohol without parabens, synthetic dyes, and additives with minimal waste. The brand works with family-owned businesses around the world that create some of the most natural perfumes. Their collections are borne out of pure quality materials to provide every customer with an unforgettable experience.


Icelandic+ is a brand committed to producing healthy cat and dog treats with zero additives, fillers, supplements and preservatives in them and the purest ingredients from Iceland. At the heart of Icelandic+ business is ethical sourcing through which they help businesses to close their sustainability gaps and produce less waste. That’s why, in every moment you can know where your pet’s food is coming from since every Icelandic+ raw material is traceable to its origin. Dogs and cats love Icelandic+ treats and their owners enjoy the nutritional benefits their pets experience.


Virginia-based brand Kyrgies has become one of the most ethical shoe brands producing sustainable and eco-friendly wool slippers for women, men and children in bright, beautiful and solid colors. Kyrgies house shoes are handcrafted by artisan in the valley of Kyrgyzstan and are designed to be warm, snug and durable. Throughout their artisanal process, Kyrgies is guided by a practical approach to production and a sustainability mantra ‘’not one gram of wool wasted’’. Kyrgies slippers are made for happy feet and indoor adventures!


Goodee is an e-commerce marketplace for sustainable luxury goods. Goodee’s stamp of approval means that every home or clothing item they offer is transparently sourced, ethically made and designed to last. Their brand partners report on the use of their materials, supply chain, labor standards, business practices and ecological footprint. Inspired by the UN sustainable development goals, Goodee puts care for people and the planet at the center of everything they do and pursue a happier and more sustainable future for all.

Soul Flower

Soul Flower is an eco-friendly hippie shop offering organic and boho clothing line. If you consider yourself to be an eco-warrior or a happy hippie, then Soul Flower is an earth-loving brand for you! Ethically made, Soul Flower uses organic and recycled fabrics in their designs that are much better for the planet than conventional materials. Their goal is to spread a positive message and help you express yourself since you can make a difference with what you wear, share the vibe and let your Soul Flower!


HoneyBug is a brand that specializes and sells unique baby clothes, gear, gifts and toys. Their products are designed to stimulate young children and make gift giving stress free and fun. They cater to mamas who trust in their safe sources, sustainable and ethically produced products from organic cotton and made by independent makers and artisans. If you are looking for an unique gift for your next baby shower or simply just want to buy a cute outfit for your baby then the HoneyBug is the right place to shop.

Eleven Six

Eleven Six is a New York-based sustainable women’s knitwear brand that combines modern design with traditional Andean knitting techniques and offers an elevated approach to knit dressing. The eclectic knitwear is sustainably handmade by women artisans in Peru and Bolivia who are dedicated to the production of high quality items using traditional techniques such as macramé, crochet and hand waving. Eleven Six is committed to supporting small businesses and women entrepreneurs and contributes to the education of women in their art.


Gunas is an American-based brand that designs 100% vegan and animal friendly handbags. All of their handbags are handmade by artisans in Korea in small studios where one group of artisans cuts, the other sews and the next finishes the bags. The main material used to produce handbags, called Mulbtex, is a perfect replacement to animal leather and plastic. Gunas’s handbags are made of cotton base with mulberry leaf pulp wish silky shine finish and are weatherproof and waterproof and come in a range of colors.

Kierin NYC

Kierin NYC’s fragrances are conscious, clean, vegan, cruelty free, recyclable and ethically sourced. The brand is proud to be one of the fragrance brands listed with as 100% vegan and cruelty free for all of the products they are offering. Their fragrance bottles are produced from recyclable glass and painted with white opaque natural paint which protects fragrances from sunlight and stops them from using unnatural colorings or UV filters. Kierin NYC offers unisex and genderless fragrances that are bold and designed for everyone.

Starling Jewelry

Starling Jewelry was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, California, with a belief that there should be a better option for customers searching to buy ethically made jewelry. Committed to creating high quality pieces, the brand offers couture jewelry to inspire transparency and sustainability in this industry. They use recycled materials and work with artisans to deliver thoughtfully designed pieces at an affordable price. With Starling Jewelry you can celebrate the extraordinary every day, with fine jewelry that will delight you and connect you to others!

Fox Holt

Fox Holt is a brand that combines luxury lifestyle and sustainability into the shopping experience. Following their slogan ‘’mindful living’’ with sustainability being their primary company ethos, Fox Holt brings together the best fashion and lifestyle pieces and makes them available on one platform. From clothing to a variety of home décor accessories, Fox Holt brings together mindful designers and artisans together to inspire a principled and ethical approach to shopping accessible to everyone.

Flora Animalia

Flora Animalia is an online ethical shop featured by Los Angeles fashion designer Rozae Nichols. The shop offers ethically designed and produced garment which people can wear with confidence since the materials and fabrics are not only beautiful and comfortable but sourced in a fair way to those who produce them, protective of the animals and eco-friendly. On this website you can find everything you need to start and maintain your own edible garden, as well as a line of elegant, luxury and functional gardening apparel.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics, a Danish based company, is known for creating innovative, ethical and sustainable clothing pieces and accessories while building a community that supports and celebrates more responsible living and environmental activism. The core of this brand’s business is sustainability and showing the true impact of fashion on our environment. Through education on their online platforms, Organic Basics teaches their customers how to be better customers and inspire them to be part of environmental causes. In this way, Organic Basics strives to be a brand that feels so human that you would actually want to be friends with them!


OhSevenDays sells a mindfully made women’s clothing and accessories from sustainable materials and fabrics based in Istanbul, Turkey. The brand is committed to making slow fashion from fast fashion leftovers and offers dressing made from ethical beginnings to sustainable endings for every day of the week. OhSevenDays collections were born after Megan Mummery, the brand’s founder, stumbled across a small area in Istanbul selling left over fabrics from large clothing manufacturers. This discovery led to an idea of creating an ethical and sustainable womenswear brand that uses left overs to create regenerative fashion.

Common Era

Inspired by ancient history and mythology, Common Era is a brand that produces and sells ethically produced luxury jewelry pieces. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by master goldsmiths in their family owned studios and made from gold and silver that is certified as at least 90% recycled. All gems used to create jewelry are conflict free and natural, while the brand’s packaging contains no plastic and is handmade in a small family factory in Illinois. Common Era is also known for giving back to the communities and 3% of all their profits are donated to the Animal Welfare Institute.

Healing Natural Oils

Healing Natural Oils has been a trusted leader in the natural products industry for almost 20 years with a mission to provide only the finest ethically produced natural products containing the best quality ingredients available. With over 1 million products sold worldwide, Healing Natural Oils is just the right choice if you want to switch to all natural, effective and safe skincare. The brand’s formulas have been tested and tried for many years and the positive feedback from their customers prompts them to upkeep the high standards. Healing Natural Oils also believes in giving back and supports many charity causes.

Jackie Mack Designs

Jackie Mack Designs is an Australian jewelry brand that creates beautiful, contemporary and sleek jewelry pieces that embody the modern woman. Their earrings are made with a selection of elegant hoops, cuffs and chains from silver and gold, while their necklaces and bracelets are elegant and simple. All materials used to produce these fine jewelry pieces are ethically sourced and sustainable. The brand also uses recycled metals and other materials when possible. Jackie Mack Designs offers a wide variety of jewelry pieces, from large hoops, ear cuffs and necklaces, to elegant bracelets that are affordable and wearable.

Krochet Kids

Founded as a non-profit organization and a lifestyle brand, Krochet Kids has been working since 2007 through their holistic approach to help and empower people to rise above poverty. The brand’s work is entirely revolved around poverty alleviation that involves education, mentorship and jobs. All their apparel and accessory items are ethically produced through their empowerment projects in Peru and Uganda. Each item is hand signed by the person who made it, so you can know who you are helping to with your purchase.


Founded 4 years ago, KES emerged as a high sustainable brand that is designed and manufactured in NYC. It operates in 2 New York retail locations: Upper West Side and Upper East Side. The brand produces luxury clothing items that are not just the latest trend but are meant to reflect a lifestyle. AT KES, style and sustainability go hand in hand with minimalism and edge curated into its retail experience and incorporating their ready to wear collection along with other designer brands.

Earth Harbor Naturals

Earth Harbor Naturals is an ethical sustainable cosmetics brand that produces the natural power of earth and ocean to bring their customers nontoxic, safe, cruelty-free and vegan products. Every skincare product that Earth Harbor Naturals offers is handcrafted and produced by artisans in small batches in the USA. All products are made with high quality all-natural ingredients that are organic, plant-based and food-grade and serve a therapeutic purpose. Earth Harbor Naturals is also proud to partner up with 1% The Planet® to save marine life.

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Ora’s Amazing Herbal was started by Ora Assayag who started making natural products for her family. Today, it is a family business that produces and sells synthetic-free, slowly infused herbal salves, powders, lip balms and other products that can be used to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, cracks, bug bites and dryness. All products are handmade in small batches using only organic and fair-trade herbs. Ora’s Amazing Herbal skincare products are all cruelty-free and the business is run ethically and sustainably. You will certainly not find any additives, preservatives, gluten or other synthetic ingredients in these products!

Huma Blanco

A footwear brand Huma Blanco is designed and handmade in Lima, Peru. It brand was born out of an appreciation for the traditional and simple luxury of Peruvian textiles and hides, along with a wish to provide and sustain long-term jobs for shoemakers in the country. The line is designed by the designed Adriana Crocco, who is inspired by raw Peruvian materials such as suede, alpaca and calf hair. All footwear pieces are dyed with natural colors or left in their pure form highlighting unexpected textures and classic silhouettes.

Amanda Pearl

Amanda Pearl is women run and New York based artisanal accessories collection known for designing modern, striking, sculptural jewelry and handmade in Italy evening bags that are sustainably and ethically produced. The collection is inspired by the brand’s founder Amanda Pearl Brotman’s Pacific Northwest roots infused with influences of nature, science, music, and the visual and performing arts. The collection is handmade by local artisans and small family businesses and Amanda Pearl’s jewelry pieces are known for their elegant edgy power, and their sharp glamour and modern luxury. The brand’s accessories and jewelry were worn by women such as Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, and Karlie Kloss.

Gandys International

After losing their parents in the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, the Gandys brother decided to create Gandys, a travel inspired fashion brand dedicated to giving back to those in need through building kids campuses and providing education and skills for underprivileged children worldwide. Gandys puts sustainability and ethical sourcing at the forefront of what they do, especially when it comes to their product supply chain. The brand ships to over 150 countries in the world and you can join them to hear about the latest developments in the kids campuses.

Made Terra

Made Terra was born out of a vision of doing business differently and putting people and planet first. Based on the Red River of Hanoi, Made Terra is a direct to consumer company that brings authentic Vietnamese handmade and history worldwide. The brand guarantees that every item for sale is handmade by Vietnamese artisans and every purchase directly impacts their lives and communities. Made Terra is a way for you to shop for ethically sourced home, garden and accessory products while sharing the joy of connecting with artisans in Vietnamese villages.

Modern Match

Modern Match carries a line of ethically made lingerie that is designed to empower and make you feel strong and beautiful in your own skin. With a mission to show women that wearing lingerie for themselves and with confidence, Modern Match strives to empower all women to embrace themselves and walk with their heads higher. The brand believes in being transparent with their customers and is transparent about where their products come from and what effects the production of their lingerie lines has on the environment.

J. Hannah Jewelry

J. Hannah Jewelry is a brand that makes jewelry pieces that are to last and treasure. They envision their pieces as a part of design families, intended to slowly collect and wear together. Every piece in the collection is made of recycled 14k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and gems, and when not recycled they are mindfully sourced and traceable to their origin. Alongside jewelry, the brand also sells a line of signature nail polishes that are non-toxic, cruelty free and produced in the USA.

Beya Made

Beya Made designs, produces, and sells a collection of expandable clothing for toddlers and babies. Beya Made’s clothes simply grow with your children so you need fewer of them! The brand believes that clothes look much cuter on children than in landfills and that is why their pieces are designed to last not just for one season, but generations of children. Their collection is made ethically in Atlanta, Georgia with low waste impact.

Art & Eden

Art & Eden is an ethical clothing brand that creates unique children’s clothes, made of sustainable organic cotton and dyed with low impact dyes. Following the spirit of the child, they produce clothing items that are better in the planet and believe in a complete transparency and the right of parents to know exactly what their children’s clothes are made of, how are they produced, and where the money goes once the item is bought. Art & Eden is known for giving back to the community since every item that is sold helps nourish an under resourced child.

et Tigre

Launched by Adele Tetangco and Alnea Farahbella in early 2019 in Los Angeles, California, et Tigre became a lifestyle clothing brand that focuses on delivering outside the traditional wholesale model. Ethically sourced fabrics, and items incorporated with leftover and dead stock fabrics, et Tigre offers four small capsules per year with a price point that retails under 230 dollars. They also expanded their line to include vegan nail polishes.

Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality

Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality is a line of ethically made line of skincare products created make people happy in their skin. The brand launched four exceptional and naturally balanced products for all genders to indulge in, delivering healthy, glowing, radiant, blemish free and godly skin. Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality products are PETA approved and made in the USA, while the bran proudly donates a percentage of their profits to support organizations that fight child sex trafficking, especially youth from the LQBTQ communities.

The Verticale

The Verticale believes that every brand has a story and that is why it serves as a place to host the new generation of innovative and ethical brands that stand for something beyond the product. At The Verticale’s website you will find brands with real people behind them who work towards a better future. The Verticale exclusively curates brands that sell quality items and have a human-centric approach to their place in the world, meeting the inclusion, individuality and diversity that are the forefront of The Verticale’s mission.

The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Classic T-Shirt Company is a premium ethical clothing brand that believes that luxury and integrity go hand in hand. Pioneering a new way of doing business in fashion, the brand’s commitment to excellence applies to their entire supply chain with the end belief that their customers deserve high end T-shirts made of the finest quality materials. The brand’s T-shirts are made ethically and sustainably from start to finish in the USA, from organic materials to ethical manufacturing practices.


Taking into consideration millions of infections women suffer from due to harmful toxins and synthetic fabrics found in underwear, Knickey puts health first and uses certified organic cotton that is free from carcinogens and chemicals. Their collections offer a variety of undies, from XXS to XXL range of hipsters, thongs, bikinis, and briefs. The brand also happily will take your garments once you are ready to get some new pieces, so they can be recycled in a safe way and turned into new materials.

KBH Jewels

KBH Jewels is a line of sustainable luxury jewelry made from 100% recycled gold, cultivated diamonds and sustainably cultured pearls. The brand sees jewelry as a true symbol of love coming from clean material sources, craftmanship and quality materials. They believe love and tradition applies not only to beautiful pieces of jewelry, but what is important also is how these pieces are made and how they affect the world. Everything that the brand produces, supplies, and ships, from packaging to fine jewelry pieces, came from ethical, sustainable and reclaimed sources.

Sweet Leilani

Sweet Leilani is a skincare line powered by plant-based ingredients, backed by science and supported by sustainability. The brand’s mission is to address ethical, health and sustainability issues by producing skincare and makeup products, and accessories, that are clean, vegan, cruelty free and recognized by the medical professionals. The brand is also eco-friendly with 100% earth friendly packaging and a small carbon footprint.

Stray & Wander

Stray & Wonder is an online marketplace that offers a curated collection of ethically sourced items. They work with family run business, women cooperatives, and individual artisans around the world to bring beautiful handcrafted and fair trade products to the global marketplace. Stray & Wander values tradition and the amount of energy and skill that goes into creating one of a kind pieces that are ethically sourced and preserve the ancient traditions of art.

Synergy Organic Clothing

Inspired by Asian influences, the Synergy Organic Clothing’s founder Kate fisher had a vision of a brand being synergy between both West and East. The brand makes clothing with modern and timeless design and combines it with sustainability. The majority of pieces are made of organic cotton from India and dyed with low impact dyes with a goal of making women feel beautiful and good both inside and outside. Synergy Organic Clothing is present in 600 stores across the US and worldwide, as well as online and in 3 retail locations.


Rentrayage is a sustainable brand that was born out of the concept of reanimating and reimagining what has already existed. Inspired by a French word rentrarayage which means ‘’to make whole again’’, this brand brings back to life old clothes, vintage fabrics and dead stock fabrics. Rentrayage goes beyond just stitching things back together in a new way, but sets the groundwork for a new and ethical way of thinking following up with innovative methods.

Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics has been paving the way in the natural beauty industry for the past 25 years while relying on the integrity and transparency principles which it was founded on. It was joined by Gabriel Color, Zuzu Luxe, and Clean Kids Naturally, making up a diverse collection of cosmetics as well as children’s skincare products. Vegan and gluten free collections connect Gabriel Cosmetics customers to both earth conscious and ethical options to their beauty needs. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal products.

Bar & Cocoa

Bar & Cocoa is a subscription club and an online market place curating some of the best bean to bar and craft chocolate from around the world. The bars and chocolate makers featured by the Bar & Cocoa are highly rated and award winners. They are carefully chosen by the brand which aspires to bring the finest craft and bean to bar chocolate from some of the best chocolate makers to their customers. Bar & Cocoa is committed to curating and showcasing companies that practice direct and ethical trade, and support sustainable farming practices and eco-conservation.

Frances Austen

Frances Austen is a brand that makes luxury clothing that will last a lifetime while deeply caring about for both the planet and people. The brand believes that confident garments empower confident women. Their luxury garments are made from 100% silk and cashmere and produced ethically. Their quality staples are versatile, sexy and timeless and made of comprised natural and eco-friendly materials. Frances Austen is a female founded brand and powered by a group of like-minded women.


Regardless of being based in the suburbs of southern California, Doshi is not a brand that is part of just one city, state or country, but part of lives in every place where people share their ideals for a better world. Doshi designs and sell non-leather vegan handbags, briefcases, belts, backpacks and other accessories, and hopes to offer vegan shoes as well soon. The brand caters to people who have environmental, religious and ethical beliefs that lead them to search for vegan, fashionable, and smart pieces. If you share these beliefs, then Doshi is just the right brand for you.

Plant Remedy

Plant Remedy is a curated marketplace for quality plant medicine and CBD products that are ethically sourced by a third-party lab. The brand is highly committed to celebrating diversity through elevation of underrepresented communities and support of small family businesses that ethically manufacture the products and work towards environmental sustainability. All products are sourced through vigorous vetting that highlights Plant Remedy’s commitment to their consumers, as well as ethical practices, safety and transparency. Every brand that Plant Remedy curates is either female founded, minority founded, or LGBTQ founded.

Indie Lee

New York based brand Indie Lee was born when its founder, Indie Lee, cured after a successful operation to remove a rare, life threatening brain tumor. From that day she decided to establish a high-end skincare and cosmetics brand with a mission to provide healthier skincare options for consumers by undertaking rigorous testing protocols to deliver high performance and clean products. Indie Lee is cruelty free, and every ingredient in products is ethically sourced. The brand strives to be supported through science while being grounded in nature and inspired by life.

337 Brand

Inspired by comfort, kindness and nature, the 337 Brand brings earth friendly and effortless style clothing and accessories that will make you feel at eased. The brand’s pieces are designed for a woman who is humble, unafraid, positive and cares about the planet and people. The brand does not have seasonal collection, but just a line of 24/7 clothing pieces that are made locally and ethically. The 33z Brand is committed to minimizing waste and it proudly supports fashion’s Green Movement with each of its pieces.

Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell is a luxury footwear brand that was built on the converging disciplines of value, craft and design. The brand offers authentic handmade, and Italian made shoes for both women and men. All their shoe pieces and made using old school techniques and from high quality, enduring materials, from Margom outsoles to ethically sourced Italian leathers. Oliver Cabell seeks to disrupt the luxury industry before it entirely falls into unethical fast fashion practices. Their shoes are sold directly from the best manufacturers and are made to be worn every day.

Malia Designs

Malia Designs was formed as a fair-trade accessories and handbag brand that combines the use of recycled materials, fashionable design and affordable prices with an ultimate goal of fighting against human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Their pieces are made by cooperatives that employ disadvantaged people in Cambodia, connecting them to Western markets and providing them with an opportunity to earn an income while having safe and dignified working conditions. Malia Designs also assists victims of human trafficking by donating to organizations fighting trafficking in the US and Cambodia.

Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn was founded by Nicole Snow, the US Air Force Veteran, with a mission of providing exquisite quality fibers to enthusiasts while helping women in India and Nepal become self-reliant and autonomous. Women who work for Darn Good Yarn are selected for their skill and given a wage to support their families. They handmade all yarns which are produced in small batches and undergo rigorous quality control. When you buy from Darn Good Yarn, you are not only helping a family survive and thrive, but you are also making a final piece that is crafted with one of a king yarn you can feel great about.

Made Trade

Made Trade puts artistry above efficiency, fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production, and transparency above everything. The brand hand selects and sells some of the most beautiful and ethically sourced home, clothing and accessory pieces that put people and the planet first while pledging to provide full transparency about each product. At Made Trade you can shop freely knowing that each piece has been ethically sourced and made of sustainable materials, while makers and artisans were paid fair wages.


Leota is a brand that believes in socially responsible fashion and that is why it ethically manufacture all its pieces under the strictest international standards. The brand offers versatile and comfortable fashion pieces for women who do it all. Their vibrant, wrinkle-free and washable clothing pieces were showcases in Oprah, Bravo and People. Leota became to be known as a woman owned brand that promotes size inclusivity and ethical manufacturing, as well as for giving back for causes affecting women and giving away every unsold piece to women in need.


Valani is a clothing brand that believes in the power of lighter living. Their apparel pieces are with care from the plant to end consumer as well as eco-friendly without toxic chemicals, recycled and dyed with certified dyes. Valani’s tailors are paid by hourly wages rather than by the piece and the brand is vocal in advocating again child and forced labor. Valani is passionate about building a better fashion industry for everyone and creating dreamy clothes everyone can enjoy.


Teakruthi’s teas are ethically sourced from specialty tea gardens in Sri Lanka that are committed to natural and sustainable farming practices. All their growers produce non-GMO and certified teas. Unlike big commercial brands, Teakruthi buys teas in small batches to avoid stocking mass quantities of teas in a warehouse and letting the flavor to flatten. If you are a tea lover, and better yet a lover of ethically sourced products, then Teakruthi is just the right choice for you since you will receive your tea right after it is plucked and processes, without any added artificial preservatives to maintain its taste.

Thierra Nuestra

Thierra Nuestra is a sustainable fashion bran working with several communities from Peru to make 100% handmade clothing pieces made of the best natural yarns such as Pima cotton and alpaca. The brand is committed to showcasing the work and traditions of Peruvian communities by organizing trainings to offer the best quality of their products while supporting groups of textile artisans. Thierra Nuestra’s mission is to spread their culture and fascinations for details through their designs and curated pieces.

Symbology Clothing

Symbology is a fashion brand that fuses handmade artisan textiles with fashion forward design to create modern clothing pieces and accessories with an authentic worldwide connection. They use fashion as a platform to empower marginalized artisans, connect women around the world and preserve traditional arts. Symbology’s designs aim to revive threatened arts in developing countries by improving their commercial visibility for the Western market. With each Symbology purchase you can invest not only in fashionable, but also one of a kind piece that empowers women across the globe.

Nuria Beauty

Nuria is clean, effective, vegan, cruelty free, and satisfaction guaranteed skincare brand. Their skincare pieces are created by scientists and industry experts who formulate global beauty secrets around the world. The brand’s ingredients come from only the most eco-friendly and ethical sources are blended with modern science to make skin glowing and healthy. As women founded brand, Nuria takes a responsibility of helping other women. That is why the brand contributes a portion of all sales to girls’ education.

Fortress of Inca

Handmade by artisans in Peru, Fortress of Inca footwear represent a free spirited and vibrant lifestyle. Each pair of shoes is made of the finest quality leather and woven Peruvian textiles known as mantas, highlighting eye catching and traditional designs and patterns that boast bold colors, originality, and intricate detailing. The line brings a unique, high-end look to the contemporary market, while staying true to its Peruvian roots. Fortress of Inca strives to create shoes that are refined and versatile, with an eye for classic silhouettes that will stand the test of time while ensuring fair wages, gender equity, and good working conditions for all their shoemakers.

Tomorrows Laundry

Tomorrows Laundry is an online subscription service that sells easy wardrobe essentials designed for men. With their honest wholesale pricing and clothes that are meant to last, you can dress assured that all your basic wardrobe needs will be well covered. You can shop at ease from this brand knowing that it is socially responsible since they take care of their practices being both ethical and sustainable, including the use of only recyclable materials and minimal waste packaging.

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is more than just a store. It is a global maker to market movement working to break the cycles of generations poverty and ignite social change. They create economic opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn for living by bringing their products and stories to our markets as well as providing you with a chance to shop ethically sourced products for your home, garden, and much more. Ten Thousand Villages is committed to putting people and the planet first, meaning that you can trust that every purchase and donation you make will directly impact the life of an artisan in a developing country.


Based in Swtizerland and with staff on three continents, Baabuk is a socially and environmentally conscious wool footwear brand. Founded in 2013 by a husband and wife duo, Dan and Galina Witting, Baabuk was successfully catapulted into the market through four crowdfunding campaigns that have launched innovative collections of footwear made of ethically sourced wool. Since then, Baabuk has sold over 100.000 pairs of sneakers and slippers in over 60 countries worldwide to people who share their values and vision.

Little Sky Stone

Little Sky Stone is a brand working with a goal of revolutionizing how people think about jewelry. The brand is very selective when it comes to who their suppliers are. Little Sky Stone is committed to designing and creating jewelry that is ethically sourced from small scale gem mines while supporting local communities and minimizing environmental degradation. To spread their philanthropy, the brand works with retailers across the United States and their rapid growth feeds off of customers who frequently express their satisfaction with versatile jewelry pieces.

Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess is Vancouver designed, North American made, and globally inspired ethical clothing brand working to slow down the fashion cycle and making clothes on demand and with a clear purpose of delighting their #smashtessfam. Their bestselling romper fabric is a blend of sustainable bamboo and cotton and produced in their own backyard to ensure the best working conditions of talented and skilled semesters. Smash + Tess is followed by many celebrities, influences, and everyday women, who aside from enjoying their cute everyday designs, form a community that celebrates not only style and comfort, by most importantly girl power.

The Root Collective

The Root Collective is a footwear and accessories brand that is working against the fashion trends of mass production by reconnecting consumers and makers through ethical small batch production. They partner up with small independent workshops in Guatemala that are run by local business owners and in which all shoes and accessories are handmade. Close cooperation with these small-scale businesses ensures that all artisans are getting paid fairly. The brand offers not just cute shoes and bags but empowers women in Mayan communities in Guatemala to use their traditional skills and provide for their families.


Iwi is a brand led by an experienced team of scientists, farmers and food industry leaders who bring plant-based products to consumers around the world. Their secret ingredient is algae packed with nutrients like omega 3, an essential fatty acid critical for health and wellbeing. Their algae requires no fresh water to grow and is proved to be about 300 times more effective than peas in production of essential amino acids. Iwi’s omega 3 supplements are available across the US such as Amazon, Whole Foods and other fine retailers. They are vegan, non-GMO and 100% sustainable!


ARO designs luxe lines of swimwear for all body types. The brand was created to find a perfect mix of sexy and wearable swimwear that can be worn not only on the beach but also with your favorite pair of baggy sweatpants or shorts for a chill day with your friends. ARO strives in creating the hottest trends and think outside of the box! Their swimwear pieces are made of up-cycled and recycled eco-friendly fabrics taken from the dead stock to reduce textile waste as well as carbon footprint.

Joie De Viv

Joie De Viv was founded on the belief that jewelry should be ethical, fun, luxurious, and a part of the everyday modern woman’s life. Joie De Viv creates timeless pieces using only high-quality materials and ethical and environmentally conscious practices that the brand proudly stands aside. The brand’s selection of certified lab created premium quality lab grown diamonds, precious stones, and top-grade metals are free of harm and made by artisans with more than 30 years of experience. Joie De Viv has gone great lengths to ensure that all diamonds and stones are conflict-free and that their suppliers adhere to internationally recognized environmental standards, labor and trade.


Jackalo is a children’s clothing brand that makes clothes for children who play in the mud, climb trees, skate, build, and read. Sustainable and ethically made playwear for active children, Jackalo’s pieces are comfortable, look good, and are hand-me-down ready. The brand is committed to protecting the environment by using organic and natural cotton and supporting a circular economy. If you make a purchase with Jackalo and your child outgrows an item, you can send it back in exchange for a $15 discount on your next purchase, while the item you sent back will be repaired and cleaned, and posted for sale on Jackalo’s website at a discount.

Neu Nomads

Neu Nomads is a sustainable women’s clothing brand fully committed to sustainability and traceability. They mindfully source their fabrics, use non-toxic dyes and packaging that is 100% recycled and biodegradable. This female-founded brand is dedicated to using plant-based materials that are sourced from renewable and sustainable natural resources and are naturally washable, lightweight, and breathable. Dedication of their values extends from the fabrics to the factories, to packaging, and finally to the products.


At Santicler, sustainability and fashionable style go hand in hand. This womenswear clothing brand offers superior quality products to fashion enthusiasts that are of lasting value and versatile use and are a unique alternative to what is currently offered in the marketplace. Santicler truly believes that sustainability begins with mindful production and elimination of excess fabrics and materials. This is why the brand is committed to using non-toxic materials from renewable sources and with the lowest environmental impact.

Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard is a luxury jewelry brand that believes that fine jewelry can be accessible, beautiful and conscientious. The original pioneer of lab created gems, Charles & Colvard brings revolutionary gemstones and jewelry pieces to market through its Forever One moissanite and Caydia lab grown diamond brands made of silicon carbide. The brand offers fashionable bridal and fine jewelry pieces of exceptional quality while sharing their beliefs in social and environmental responsibility. Charles & Colvard is known for using innovative sustainable, ethical, and innovative technology practices, and for leading a revolution in the jewelry industry.


Founded in 2015 in Toronto, Canada, Kotn sells high ethically sourced, well designed and high-quality clothes, home essentials and accessories made from the finest natural materials. Since their launch, Kotn rapidly grew across their online and offline channels, opening several stores across North America and catering to customers in over 180 countries worldwide. The brand is known for giving back to underserved communities. In 2017, they built a primary school in Egypt for the children of their farmers, as well as others in their community, and since then, they have built 7 more! With a mission to fight against unethical treatment of workers, Kotn is committed to building a stronger method for social and economic development.

Merna Maita

Merna Maita is a clothing line designed by Tessa Braun, who named it after her grandmother who ‘’entertains with brisket, always in caftan’’. The brand’s clothes are handmade from high quality deadstock materials in small and limited batches in Los Angeles, California. The brand is sold online and via private sale in Venice, California, and since the materials are only available in limited quantities, once the pieces are sold out, they are truly sold out. Last, but not least, when you shop with Merna Maita, you are supporting a sustainable, ethical, and female-run business.


Inspired by denim, quilts, Americana and nostalgia, Carleen is a Los Angeles womenswear clothing brand that strives to deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces that both delight and inspired. The brand is known for its pieces made of organic natural materials used from deadstock whenever possible. All clothing is also locally made in Los Angeles, where Carleen keeps an eye on quality and monitors the working conditions of the skilled workers who make their clothes.

Clean Origin

As a third-generation diamond jewelry business, Clean Origin is a jewelry brand that is exclusively focused on producing ethically sourced and lab grown diamonds that bring their customers exceptional quality jewelry pieces. Diamonds play a very significant and meaningful role in the brand’s culture and serve as an important symbol for those devoting an eternal commitment to love one another. If you are ready for a life commitment and want a beautiful engagement ring, then the Clean Origin is just the right choice for you.

Terra Thread

Terra Thread creates GOTS certified fair trade organic cotton bags, backpacks and accessories for businesses, non-profits and individuals that strive to make the world a better place. The bags and backpacks are durable as they are made sustainably and ethically, and the collection offers two sizes with a wide range of vibrant colors. Terra Thread’s backpacks are perfect for school, work and everyday use and are essential to those who truly care about the planet. The brand is known for giving back to those in need and that is why with every purchase you make with Terra Thread you will contribute with 20 meals to Feeding America.

Conscious Step

Conscious Step is a brand committed to lasting environmental and social change. Their high quality and fair-trade socks are made from organic sustainable cotton and produced in communities they support. Every step in their product supports factories and farms with sustainable materials, fair wages and safe facilities. With every purchase you make with Conscious Step you will directly support one of their partner organizations and the communities they serve.

Grey State Apparel

Grey State Apparel is a sustainable and ethical womenswear clothing brand entirely operated by women. They offer seasonless and relaxed clothing pieces with the belief that fashion should not complicate, but complement. Grey State Apparel’s ethical practices are guided by the UN Sustainability Goals such as those set to eradicate poverty, gender inequality, and tackle climate change. The brand manufactures all their pieces in the most UN-compliant and internationally certified factories with the highest standards of humane working conditions. The brand is also proud to donate $1 to One Tree Planted from every purchase made on their website.


BHAVA is a footwear brand that does not believe in the use of leather. They have always been and will always be an animal-free company. They truly believe that a compassionate approach to designing shoes goes beyond using leather alternatives and should encompass the environment, working conditions, and protection of their loyal customers. Based in New York City, BHAVAS’s shoes have been tested for durability and styles on the streets of the city.

The Oula Company

Established in 2015, The Oula Company became a brand known for creating heirloom-worthy women’s clothing pieces with an aesthetic based on day dresses, tunics, and caftans that the brand’s founder’s activist mother wore in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. All pieces are ethically and sustainably handcrafted and sewn in the USA and can be worn to dinner, work, or as cover-ups on vacation. When you wear Oula’s pieces your purchase speaks more to value and longevity than fast fashion.


Tradlands creates archetypal clothing such as t-shirt, chinos, button-ups, and jackets. Each piece of clothing is produced thoughtfully and slowly, with respect for the people Tradlands works with. The brand makes clothing in small batches and carefully designs each detail, from the fit to the fabric to the trims, for effortless style. Tradlands makes some of the best clothes for diverse lifestyles with the goal of making you feel like a million bucks from every angle.


JW PEI is an accessories brand founded by a wife and husband duo in Los Angeles, California. They were inspired by the idea that fashion should be empowering, accessible, and effortless. At the heart of JW PEI is a minimalist design encompassed in vegan materials. Each bag celebrates feminine beauty and strength through the lens of creative and fun fashion. JW PEI uses only high-quality canvas, polyurethane, and certified fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs is a sustainable lifestyle brand that was born out of need for a positive example in fashion. Inspired by travel, textiles, and color, the brand designs garments that reflect creativity, the inner free spirit and a free-flowing statement of art. The vibrant and premium quality clothing pieces are created from some of the world’s best sustainable materials with feminine silhouettes and flowy shapes that you can wear from day, to night, and to your next adventure. TAMGA Designs believes in the bright future of people and the planet, and all their pieces are created while respecting dignified conditions for every worker throughout the process.


Blissoma is pure and raw plant-based skincare brand that uses essential oils and herbs to enhance radiance and natural health. The brand is known for their innovative products such as Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser, Smooth A+ Perfecting Serum, Free Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser and Bright Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum. Blissoma provides vegan and natural ingredients in their products for those seeking skincare of style and substance. All products are handmade in their herbal studio in St. Louis, Missouri, in small batches from sustainable and beneficial plants.


GRAMMAR is clothing brand that designs each piece with an appreciation for a woman’s form as well as everyday functionality. Their designs follow conscious practice through every stage. GRAMMAR is known for selling pieces that are comfortable and elegant, allowing your inner beauty to shine through. All pieces are made from 100% sustainable organic cotton which is ethically sourced in India and free from toxic chemicals and pesticides that can be absorbed through skin and are known to harm the environment and cause illness and death in textile workers.